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2C logo2C --Creating Communities is a non-profit organization founded by visionary Anne Arundel County musician and artist Rob Levit and is governed by a committed volunteer Board of Directors. Creating Communities mission is to harness the power of the arts to build life skills and self-esteem, and foster connections across cultures. We accomplish this by partnering with communities and organizations to reach the underserved and provide direct access to the arts through innovative programs and mentorships.

Bloss in Uniform during WWII

George William Bloss: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

George William Bloss

Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, 1941-1945

[What I have to say] is in line with what you’re going to do when teaching these young fellows. It’s all in line. It’s quite accurate and [will help you] see what World War II brought on the human race. A lot of [conflicts happened after] World War II and branched off into these other wars we’ve been having over the world, but not to the [severity] that World War II brought on the human race. What you’re doing here now with [these interviews] - training these young minds to find a way that [tension] can be settled before it can [build to] that pitch… this could [prevent] some…minds [from] getting all tangled up, like Hitler. He wanted to take command of the world. Hitler said, “We’ll start here, and I’ll show you guys how to take the world.” That’s what [these interviews] are doing here. You’re training minds [about Hitler’s] kind of thinking…what you’re doing [can] prevent [other conflicts]. There was no one [back then] that did anything to those [German] minds to prevent it. They couldn’t think. They were just like a bunch of cattle. They just blunder on. It will [happen every generation] if you don’t have country leaders that communicate together and get these little matters down before they get to be big matters, killing people and tearing people’s bodies...

George William Bloss: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts




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