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Donald Clifford Burkness' Unit in WWII

Donald Clifford Burkness: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

George William Bloss

Army Air Force, European Theater, World War II

Donald Clifford Burkness was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on March 8th, 1925. He was trained in Texas and South Dakota. He was a navigator on a B-17 airplane, and after his fourth mission he became lead navigator of the squadron. During his 11th mission, his plane was shot down and he was forced to bail out. He was captured by Nazi soldiers and spent the remaining months of the war in a P.O.W. camp. After the war, he returned to Minneapolis where he received an engineering degree from University of Minnesota. He then got a job at the Army Security Agency in northern Virginia. He retired and currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland...

Donald Clifford Burkness: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts






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