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2C logo2C --Creating Communities is a non-profit organization founded by visionary Anne Arundel County musician and artist Rob Levit and is governed by a committed volunteer Board of Directors. Creating Communities mission is to harness the power of the arts to build life skills and self-esteem, and foster connections across cultures. We accomplish this by partnering with communities and organizations to reach the underserved and provide direct access to the arts through innovative programs and mentorships.

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Kenneth Duckett: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

Kenneth Duckett

You could say 3 is Mr. Kenneth Duckett’s luckiest number after hearing his stories from World War II. Drafted as a 21-year-old in 1942, Kenneth Duckett, didn’t think much of the army. He wanted to serve his country, but he didn’t want to leave his wife and 3-month old son.

A part of the 3rd Army, 3rd Division, 3rd Batallion, 3rd Company, and 3rd Squadron, Duckett was first sent to North Africa for 17 weeks of basic training. This is where Duckett learned his skills as a gunner on the mortar which would later earn him a Bronze Star, something he is very reluctant to talk about. “I don’t know why I got it,” said Duckett.

For Duckett, WWII was defined by death. His first position in the military is what Duckett described as “a replacement for men who had been lost”. Although he faced the loss of friends, Duckett held no hostilities besides in the heat of combat.

Kenneth Duckett: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts





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