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2C logo2C --Creating Communities is a non-profit organization founded by visionary Anne Arundel County musician and artist Rob Levit and is governed by a committed volunteer Board of Directors. Creating Communities mission is to harness the power of the arts to build life skills and self-esteem, and foster connections across cultures. We accomplish this by partnering with communities and organizations to reach the underserved and provide direct access to the arts through innovative programs and mentorships.

Image of Victory Parade in Annapolis

Carol Gomoljak: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

Carol Gomoljak

“Extra, extra read all about it!” shouted a newspaper delivery boy as he walked down an Annapolis street. The year was 1942, and Mrs. Carol Gomoljak was just 14 years old when she heard those words outside the window of her Eastport home off of Bay Ridge Avenue where she lived with her parents. She knew that the U.S. had declared war on the Axis forces following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Eventually, she would say goodbye to her boyfriend and many other local boys who were shipped abroad.

So many young males were sent away that Mrs. Gomoljak had to share the remaining three local farm boys with all the high school girls at her high school prom. She also remembers walking across the Spa Creek Bridge in high heels and a fancy dress to get to Annapolis Senior High School, now Maryland Hall, as there was no car available to her family for transportation. People walked or rode bicycles wherever they needed to go; during the war, driving was scarce unless it was essential for a job.

Carol Gomoljak: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts





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