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Hane Family Photo - 1946

Herbert Hane: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

Herbert Hane

Herbert Hane is a second generation Holocaust survivor.

Hane’s father and grandfather, aunt, cousins and some distant relatives were survivors. All endured the pain and fear of living in Germany under the Nazis. Some more distant relatives were murdered by them. The Hanes’ story is unusual because Herbert and his brothers are half-Jewish and their family lived under Nazi rule until the end of the war.

Hane was born in 1935 in the small town of Lollar, near the university town of Giessen in the German state of Hesse. At first e lived with his Jewish grandparents in a three-story house on Main Street. His father, a German Jew, Louis Hane (1910-1978), survived the Holocaust because he was married to a Christian woman.

The same year as Hane’s birth, the Nazis announced new rules to exclude German Jews from Reich citizenship. These Nuremberg Laws also prohibited Jews from marrying or having sexual relations with “persons of German or related blood." However, a "Jew" was not defined as someone with certain religious beliefs. The Nazis were racist so they defined Jews as people who had three or more Jewish grandparents. This then included those who were not practicing Judaism and Christian converts with Jewish grandparents.


Herbert Hane: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts


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