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2C logo2C --Creating Communities is a non-profit organization founded by visionary Anne Arundel County musician and artist Rob Levit and is governed by a committed volunteer Board of Directors. Creating Communities mission is to harness the power of the arts to build life skills and self-esteem, and foster connections across cultures. We accomplish this by partnering with communities and organizations to reach the underserved and provide direct access to the arts through innovative programs and mentorships.

Image of Thea Lindauer during her interview

Thea Lindauer: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts


Thea K. Lindauer was born in Eisenburg, Germany in 1922. She was the daughter of a prominent Jewish merchant growing up in Germany. She enjoyed a comfortable upbringing with her father, mother and younger sister.

In 1934, Thea was sent to the United States in a program known as “Kindertransport”. Thea was one of many children sent on “an experiment in education”. She lived in New Trier, Illinois, with a U.S. family. She kept in constant postal contact with her family in Germany. In 1937, her German family came to the U.S.

Thea learned English, attended high school and later college, where she studied the arts. After graduating from art school, she focused on a career as a commercial artist. During WWII she worked for the Navy in graphic advertising. After the war, she met her husband, Harry Lindauer. He was a well-respected man, once earning the highest German civilian medal. He immigrated to the U.S. as a refugee from Germany. Harry joined the U.S. army, serving under General Patton. He earned many medals in recognition of his service.

Thea recently wrote a book titled “There Must Be an Ocean Between Us.” She wrote her book so that her grandchildren would know her story.


Thea Lindauer: Abstract | Full Story | Images and Artifacts

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